Buy Solar versus Solar Loans?

Knowing there had to be a more affordable way to bring clean energy to the people, we invented solar leasing and power purchase agreements, or PPAs. So instead of waiting years for a return on your investment, most Sunrun customers see big savings in just the first year.

No to both! Go with PPA.

What is PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)?

In short:
SunRun will install the solar panels for no charge (SunRun owns it) and homeowner will simply pay for the power it will produce in a fixed tiered rate monthly (lower than your current utility company)

Why it makes sense?
Because it's free to install and panels will be warrantied for 25 years.

Why now?
Because utility companies rates are increasing annually in the ratio of 7% or more.

Why are we doing this?
'Solar as a service' is what we do - we will not go anywhere.

Few more reasons why:

  • Get started for as little as $0 down.
  • Skip the hassle of ownership. Sunrun will handle installation, maintenance, monitoring, and insurance for the life of the agreement.
  • Rain or shine, we guarantee solar system performance. If the system doesn’t produce the electricity we promised - for any reason - you’ll receive a refund for the difference. If the system overproduces, you keep the excess power.*  
  • Sell your home with ease. Sunrun has a team of Service Transfer experts and we guarantee a seamless agreement transfer to the new buyer.   
  • Sunrun’s BrightSave plans pass down savings and lower bills. We’ll only recommend solar if we can guarantee we’ll save you money.
  • Not a lease, so no lien to your home

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